After School Activities for Creative Kids

After School Activities for Creative Kids

Do you have a child who is always thinking outside the box? Does their artistic nature seep from their pores as they use their imagination to fuel their inspiration? Looks like you’ve got a creative kiddo on your hands, so why not allow them to further explore their interests?

Perhaps your child is artsy, dramatic, or open to learning something new? With after school activities geared toward their talents, your child can grow and gain more exposure to something that excites them. Sports teams and play groups are fun, but for some kids, the more creative the outlet, the more they will shine.

Here are some after school activities for creative kids. Your child won’t be able to wait until the school bell rings!

Theater Club

If your child is a real “ham” and loves to perform, a theater club or class would be right up their alley. Kids who love the spotlight will feel at home on stage. They will learn the ins and outs of acting, learning lines, transforming into character, and so on. They will learn to be team players by working with a cast and they will fine-tune their reading and memory skills by studying scripts. You’ll love watching their hard work pay off at the first performance. But for the kids, theater club won’t feel like work at all. Theater will be nothing but a thrill. Bravo!

Calligraphy Class

Does your child have lovely penmanship and is into art? A calligraphy class will put these talents to use as your child learns the fine art of this beautiful way to write. With letters that look so lovely, your child will be inclined to practice all the time. With everything done on computers these days, it will be a refreshing change to see your child embrace this “old school” way of putting pen to paper. They’ll create lovely thank you notes, cards, etc. You’ll be impressed with how lovely their lettering will become!

Singing Lessons

If your child loves music but playing an instrument isn’t their calling, opt for singing lessons instead. Your child will learn about notes and lyrics, and you’ll love how they make beautiful music from their soul. Many voice teachers hold group classes or solo lessons, and there is usually a concert at the end of the season. As your child sings songs that make them smile, it will be music to your ears in more ways than one!

Cooking School

Do you have a budding chef always helping out in the kitchen? Chances are they’d love to put their culinary skills to use in a kids’ cooking class. Teachers love getting young people excited about making delicious food and knowing what goes into making a dish. The best part? Tasting their very own creations! No matter your child’s skill level, cooking school will be fun and educational. These skills will go to good use as your child gets older and starts cooking for the family. Bon appetit!

What does your child do after school?

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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