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Learning, curiosity, and motivation are natural and ongoing processes in children’s growth. We encourage children to be aware of the environment and appreciate the things around them.

Child-Centered Environment

At All My Children we offer a holistic approach to education inspired by nature.

We see our role as not only educating the children of today, but as cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. By providing children with a nurturing and responsive environment to discover, learn, grow, and realize their potential, our children are empowered with school and life readiness skills.

Drawing upon their sturdy ethical and educational roots, we believe our children can lead the way towards a better tomorrow.

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We recognize the benefits of play based learning where children learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings and needs to others, lengthen their attention span and develop their creativity. Children are invited to play and explore in a secure environment where they can confidently tackle new situations and discover their surroundings.


All My Children’s professionally trained staff not only provide children with a solid foundation in literacy, scientific-mathematical thinking, and soci-emotional development, but seek to promote a life-long appreciation of learning through emphasis on the joys of discovery and the empowerment of choice. Our core curriculum is enhanced by activities that allow for children to creatively express themselves, such as dramatic play, music, movement, art and dance.


With the first years of a child’s life being critical to shaping a child’s future, health and development, we acknowledge that the changes we make to improve our children’s environment can have a profound impact on their small bodies. Therefore we are committed to reducing environmental hazards in our centers and providing children with an eco-healthy environment so they can grow into healthy adults.


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