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The Family Child Care (FCC) department at All My Children (AMC) is a community-based network that provides services for both parents of the children in the AMC network and to participating child care providers that are licensed by New York’s Administration for Children’s Services. As part of AMC’s mission, children, families, and providers are supported by a variety of services offered by the FCC staff, including placement of children within the network, timely payments to the providers, monitoring off-site providers through regularly scheduled inspections, and serving healthy and nutritious meals to the children participating in the “CAC” Food Program.

The FCC department at AMC is dedicated to providing quality care to the children in our network by adhering to stringent health, safety, and educational requirements under the ACS regulations. As such, providers in the AMC network undergo an additional application, interview, and screening process in order to be considered for involvement with our agency. In addition, the FCC department offers frequent training sessions to providers in the AMC network on behavior management techniques, creative curriculum ideas, as well as other subjects related to their work with children.

Children placed with providers who participate in the Food Program can receive up to two meals and a snack that meet USDA nutritional standards. These children receive higher intakes of key nutrients and fewer servings of fats and sweets than children in non-participating care. As the food program is age-based, children are provided with a meal that is healthy and nutritiously age-appropriate. Inspectors are regularly scheduled to make announced and unannounced visits to ensure that participating providers are serving healthy and nutritious foods and following protocol. Additionally, providers that participate in the CAC Food Program receive monthly reimbursements for the costs of providing healthy and nutritious food to the children in the AMC network.

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