Top parenting advice to solve tough issues

From grandparents who mean well but interfere with how you raise your child to picky eaters, how to deal with temper tantrums and what you need to do to keep your child safe as they get more mobile, the parenting issues you’ll face don’t get any easier as time goes on.

Through it all, you’ll want to get parenting advice that makes sense and suits your situation. It’s all hard work where you’re learning as you toddler parenting issuesgo but mastering balanced parenting is the most important task you’ll ever attempt and good communication is a top priority. If you learn how to keep the lines open when they are younger, you’ll be a more effective parent going forward.


Look for the signals. Being aware of when and where your child is most likely to share their thoughts and feelings puts you in the pocket to understand what’s really going on with them. Do they open up in the car or is it more likely they’ll be talkative at bed or bath time? Making yourself available when the time seems right and letting them know you’re ready, willing, able and interested in what they’ve got to say will

pay off.
You’ll need to clear your own plate to be effective. Parents have lots of grown-up issues to deal with that can make them look angry or defensive to a child who’s looking to see how open you are to them. Being completely engaged will encourage your son or daughter to open up with what might start out to be only small bits and pieces of the story they’ve got to tell.

Good parenting is also about negotiating. If you find yourself caught in what seems like a never ending tug of war with your child, here’s some parenting advice to ensure you’ll always come out the winner.

• Follow through. There’s nothing worse than sending mixed messages their little brains interpret as a green light to get away with any and all of their behaviors. Get ready for a tantrum fallout if you’ve wavered with discipline before and are setting the ground rules now, but don’t cave in. Staying tough and committed always pays off in the long run. You children need to expect the consequences for bad behavior is always consistent.
• Use single words. This concept is built around the idea kids know what you want them to do and tune out long-winded rants. So, instead of going on and on about how you’re not a maid and they need to pick up after themselves, using a command like “toys” makes the right impact.

Supplying information is another great piece of parenting advice that works wonders. Stating facts that empower your child is better and easier on both of you than issuing what seems like a never ending set of orders.

Telling them, “Eating your vegetables will make you strong like Daddy,” gives them a reason to follow through whereas, “Finish everything on your plate,” sounds like a challenge to rebel against.


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Author: Rob Starr