Tips to Help Kids Choose an Extra-Curricular Activity

Tips to Help Kids Choose an Extra-Curricular Activity

Kids have a lot going on these days, from school to religious programs to playdates to sports teams to hobbies and more. Some kids know right off the bat where their interest lie, while others have a hard time finding their niche.

Not every kid will be great at what they set out to do, but that’s not the point of exploring new horizons. Childhood is a time for our kids to dabble in a variety of sports, arts, music, and the like in order to realize what makes them happy. When kids look forward to their after-school activities, you know you’ve helped them choose the right one.

If your child is having trouble selecting an activity that best suits her, you can help her hone in on one or two that you think she’d enjoy. Here are some ways to help your child choose an extra-curricular activity that’s sure to have her eager to get started.


What’s Her Personality Type?

Your child’s personality can be a good indicator as to what sort of after-school activity she’d thrive in. If she’s on the more creative side, an art class or a cooking class may be to her liking. She can use her creativity to create wonderful drawings or to whip up a delicious dish. An outlet to use her imagination will keep her interested. If your kid is extroverted and loves being around other kids, a sports team may be a great after-school choice. Look into a Little League team or a school-sponsored team. Not only will it be fun, but the exercise will keep your child healthy and in great shape. For the shy types, an after-school program may help bring your child out of her shell. A book club, dance class, or even volunteering are all great ways to help your child become more open and communicative around others.


What Does She Like to Do Already?


After school, is your child the first to run outside and play? Perhaps she’d love to join the soccer team or take a tennis class. Does she love helping you prepare dinner? Then a kids cooking class would be right up her alley. Perhaps your child loves to doodle and draw on scrap paper while watching TV or while just hanging out in her room. Consider an art class to help her get even better at what she already loves to do. Is she an avid reader? Your local library may have a kids reading group she can join, or she can volunteer to read to the elderly. Kids are more inclined to enjoy an after-school activity they already exhibit an interest in, so start from there and see how it blossoms.

These days, there are so many extra-curricular activities to choose from, so if at first you don’t pick the best fit, go for something new the next time around. Eventually you will find an activity your child connects with and she will shine with confidence and excitement.

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By: Melissa A. Kay



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    Thanks for posting this type of blog. I suggest you that help your kids & motivate them in their favorite activities.

  2. Right now we are looking to find extracurricular classes for our children. We want to make sure they are able to find something they love as well as something that will provide physical activity. As you said, looking at personality types can help you see what environment they will thrive in. We will have to look into dance classes. Thanks for sharing!


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