The Veggie Battle

It’s Time To Try Something New!

Does your child avoid vegetables at every meal? The dinner time tantrums and leftover lunches make eating well a challenge. You want your child to get proper nutrition, but the lack of veggies in their diet is concerning you. You’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean giving in or giving up.

Of course, we can’t expect our kids to love every food we put on their plate. We all have preferences and favorites, as well as foods we never want to taste, not even a bite. But some children won’t even give certain veggies a chance, and that’s where you’ve got to get creative.

Here are some tips (and tricks) to incorporate more veggies into your child’s diet. Before long, they’ll be asking for seconds!


Lots of kids love eggs, and omelets are an easy way to cook them. Diced veggies can be stirred into the egg mixture before cooking, and the finer the chop, the better. Top the omelet with shredded cheese and serve with ketchup on the side. When your child doesn’t see large hunks of veggies, they won’t be as hesitant to try them.


What kid doesn’t want pizza? Make your own at home with a store-bought pizza crust, or create pita pizzas you can pop in the toaster oven. Beneath the sauce and cheese, layer thin slices of veggies like bell peppers and zucchini. Keep in mind, the pizza sauce provides a serving of veggies, so be generous when you spread it on.


Hummus is rich and creamy, full of flavor, and fun to eat. Rather than serve the hummus to your child with crackers or pita wedges, offer carrot sticks. Carrots are great for dipping, and your child will be pleased that they don’t have to eat them plain. Hummus is a good source of protein, so it’s a healthier option than salad dressing or other dips.


Frothy fruit smoothies are easy to whip up in the bender, so create a sweet concoction with frozen berries, bananas, and some milk. Your child won’t realize if you slip in some kale or spinach too. They won’t taste the greens, only the sweetness from the fruit. The smoothies will get an added boost of vitamins and nutrients your child would have otherwise missed out on.

How do you get your child to eat their vegetables? We’d love to share your ideas.

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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