Need A Breather? Ways To Wind Down…Even With The Kids!

With kids taking up all your time, it’s understandable that you’re exhausted.

But as any parent knows, there’s no such thing as “time off.”

Even if you have help or hire a sitter for date night or going out with friends, you are never not in “parent mode.” Not even for a minute.

Winding down seems impossible, but it’s important. Moms and dads need some peace in order to be the best parents they can be.

If you can’t find that alone time you crave, there are still ways to chill out…with children around.

As active as they may be, there’s always a way to get the kids to cool off. They get tired too, although it often seems like their energy is never ending.

Here are some ideas to take things down a notch. You need it!

Movie Night

Cuddle up on the couch and watch a kid-friendly film.


Gather ‘round a big one and work on it together.


Find your inner ‘Zen’ and breathe deeply.

Indoor Camping

Settle in for sleep in the living room.

Warm Milk And Cookies

Indulge and unwind with a sweet treat.

Post-Supper Stroll

Chit chat and reconnect as you walk around the neighborhood.


Bring out the art supplies and experience calm creativity.

How do you wind down with the kids around?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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