The Benefits of Early Daycare for Your Child

The Benefits of Early Daycare for Your Child

You may be a parent with a child who’s at the age when daycare is an option. If you are struggling with the choice whether or not to place your child in daycare, learning the benefits of early daycare may help you make this important decision.

There are many daycare centers to choose from, so if you do make the choice to place your child in daycare, be sure to do your research and select a center and program that is reputable, safe, educational, and ethical, such as All My Children Daycare.

Feeling secure and confident in your choice of daycare center is crucial to your peace of mind and your child’s care. Here are some benefits of early daycare for your child to help you make the best choice for your family.



It may be daunting for you to think of leaving your child with strangers for the first time, and maybe all day long. But separation from the parent is a natural part of your child’s development and will make her a stronger, less emotionally and physically dependent individual. Sure, there may be tears (from the both of you), but that’s perfectly normal. The more time your child spends away from you, the more she’ll grow into her own person. She will get used to the initial separation and have less anxiety as she learns that she’ll see you again in a few hours. As she learns to interact with others on her own without mom or dad by her side, she will gain a sense of individuality and develop her unique personality. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the time away too, and you’ll be able to focus on new things away from your child that will help get you accustomed to the new arrangement.



Early daycare provides children the experience to learn valuable socialization skills with their peers that they wouldn’t be able to replicate at home. Your child will learn about sharing, communicating, forming friendships, and creating boundaries. The daycare provider(s) will help your child navigate through this important process with the utmost care and consideration while allowing your child to blossom in this new and exciting stimulating environment. When mom or dad are always close by, children may defer to the parent to speak for them or for approval. Being away from the parent allows the child to make her own decisions and learn from them. Time spent with kids her own age will help her form bonds and use teamwork to grow.



While much of daycare is dedicated to nurturing and caring for children while they play, eat, and nap, there are educational aspects to most programs as well. For instance, All My Children instills eco-friendly knowledge into the minds of youngsters, as well as school and life readiness skills they would not necessarily find at home. Kids learn how to use their talents to their benefit and realize their potential as they try new things, meet new people, and tackle new obstacles each day.

Is daycare the right choice for you? We hope these benefits will help you make the choice that’s smart for your child. For more information like this, please visit All My Children Blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay



  1. It is good to know that separation from the parent is a natural part of a child’s development. I am glad to know that daycare will make the child stronger and less emotionally dependent. Finding a local childcare service would be ideal so that you do not have to commute extensive distances for drop off and pick up.

  2. Our daughter is happy to be going back to work after having her last child, but she is cautious about leaving her new daughter at a daycare facility. It is good to know that early daycare provides children with the experience to learn valuable socialization skills. It is interesting to understand that these social skills with peers cannot be replicated at home. This article with give my daughter comfort, thanks.


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