Summer Family Fun Ideas

Summer Family Fun Ideas

Summer is just about here, meaning extra time off with the family and the opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and sunny skies. Longer days means more time to create magical memories with the kids while they are still young and actually excited to spend time with mom and dad.

Since the weather is perfectly pleasant and outdoor fun can be part of the agenda, consider these summer family fun ideas the kids will love, and you’ll relish in the blissful looks on their thrilled faces. Time with family cannot be replaced by anything else, so do all you can to spend as much time together as a unit as possible. Time flies and the summertime seems to fly faster than any other season. Make the most of the few summer months with family fun that can’t be beat. 


You need not be an experienced fisherman in order to enjoy a day of fishing dockside or by boat. Time by the pleasant water and striving for a common goal makes fishing an incredible bonding experience. Even if you don’t catch anything for dinner, the time spent taking in the great outdoors, talking, and laughing will be what the memories are made of. Take the bait and go for a day of fishing with the kids. You’ll be hooked!


Get active and energized while taking your family excursions to new heights through hiking. Find a local trail or just take a hike around the neighborhood with the kids and they will learn about the importance of keeping fit and being alert and aware of their surroundings. Bring along some backpacks, plenty of water, and some snacks for much-needed breaks. A love of hiking can start young, and the adventures never get old.

National Parks (or local ones)

Our country is full of breathtaking treasures, some of which are the many national parks from sea to shining sea. If you are able to visit one of these parks this summer, the kids will never forget the experience. Otherwise, find you own fun at a local park and play with the kids in the fresh air. Bring your dog if he’s allowed, and be sure to find the coolest playground. You’ll meet other families and spend special time with your own. They don’t call it “a walk in the park” for nothing! See how easy and breezy a family day at the park can be!

Don’t forget to enjoy a tasty family picnic or sizzling barbecue this summer as well. You can also splash around in the local pool, go to the beach, or head to the ice cream shop. Summer family fun is special because you’re with your loved ones. No matter what you do, do it together with a smile!

What do you love to do in the summer with your family?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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