5 Family Game Night Ideas

5 Family Game Night Ideas

Family time is so important for bonding and creating memories with the ones closest to you. These days, as the evening approaches, family members often retreat to their own rooms and do their own thing. Sure, some time alone to relax and unwind is necessary, but don’t let that become the everyday norm. Set aside specific nights of the week for the family to come together for a good old-fashioned family game night! This doesn’t mean sitting around the TV and mindlessly munching on chips and popcorn. This is game night and it’s time to have a little fun!

Here are 5 family game night ideas that the whole family will love, no matter the kids’ ages. Even if you can only get the whole group together just once a week, the fun will last for days until you can gather together again. Let the games begin!


When was the last time you played a game of charades? Make teams and let the guessing game have everyone using their imagination and laughing all the way. Pick topics from TV shows and movies, favorite characters, book titles, and kid-friendly activities. This classic game never goes out of style and the options for topics are endless. Keep score and see which team is best at guessing… although while having such a blast, everyone wins!

“Cooking” Competition

TV reality cooking shows are all the rage, so set up a mock competition at home. Perhaps you can ice cupcakes and vote on which family member came up with the best cupcake design. Or you can do a banana split creation contest. Go for a healthier alternative and see who can make the best platter display of cut up veggies or fruit. The best part? Enjoying all the goodies when you’re through!

Board Games

Board games were popular when we were kids, but video games have taken over as the go-to entertainment source. You can still find lots of board games at toy stores and thrift shops, so pick up a few, get down on the floor, and have some “retro” fun. Kids love Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, The Game of Life, Risk, etc. Pick games that are age-appropriate and suit your family’s tastes and interests. With so many games out there, each family game night can feature a new board game everyone will love.


Twister is a true classic, and the fun of movement and hand-eye (and foot-eye) coordination makes this on-the-floor game a real crowd-pleaser. The kids will have a hoot reaching and contorting, and the action and energy everyone will put in will be much more fun than sitting on the couch. Each time you play, watch how everyone improves with their strategic moves and flexibility.

T-Shirt Decorating

Pick up a pack of low-cost white T-shirts and let the artistic side of each family member shine. Get some puffy paint pens, glitter, fabric markers, and iron-ons, and have a blast creating unique designs. The kids will love wearing their own creations and showing off their artwork at school or camp. You can also get a pack of tube socks, tanks, or bandanas to take the wardrobe work to the next level. Family fun was never so artsy!

What are some family night activities you enjoy doing with the kids? We’d love to add some more ideas to our list!

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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