Start a Reading Playgroup

Start a Reading Playgroup

A kids’ reading playgroup is the perfect after-school or weekend activity for book-loving kids who find excitement and adventure on the pages of great books. Help your child’s curious mind expand even further by creating a reading playgroup for their friends who love reading too.


Invite Friends

Encourage your child to invite their friends over for a reading playgroup/book club. Here everyone can share the joys of reading together. Parents can join in for help, coordination, and participation.

Book Choices

The reading selections should be age-appropriate and interesting for the kids, so they are inspired and excited to attend. Switch with each time they meet to let each child take their turn choosing which book the group will delve into. This way, the reading selections will be diverse.


Encourage each child to read a portion of the book out loud to give them the practice to become better and more confident readers. This is a no-judgement zone, so each kid can take their time and work out the words when they get stuck. They can help one another when needed, making the reading process a group effort.

More Fun

Make the playgroup more inviting with healthy snacks and refreshments. Parents can swap weeks to determine who provides the treats and which house the playgroup will be hosted at. Each time, suggest the children bring along someone new to become part of the group. Before long, you may need a bigger place to meet!

With so much time devoted to TV and other electronic games and devices, picking up a good book is a breath of fresh air for kids. And speaking of fresh air, when the weather permits, find a quiet space outdoors at a park or in someone’s yard to hold the playgroup in the open air. Picnic blankets and umbrellas will make the afternoon comfortable.

Would you like your child to be part of a book club playgroup? Which books are their favorite? Any suggestions for some great books for a reading playgroup?

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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