Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Many parents are not sure whether their child is ready to start kindergarten. According to Babycenter, “Your child must reach the age of 5 by the cutoff date, which is usually around September 1 in most school districts, though some states have later or earlier cutoffs or no deadline at all. Many schools still use these dates to determine who is ready for school, but research shows that your child’s chronological age isn’t the best way to decide whether he has what it takes to be a successful kindergartner.”

Some kids are more advanced than others at that tender age, and other kids seem to be behind the curve in one or more areas. Deciding to enroll now or wait another year until your child seems better prepared can be a struggle. There are pros and cons to both, and ultimately the decision is with the parents.

According to, “One of the best allies in making this decision is your child’s pre-k teacher. The teacher should have the best idea of whether the child can meet social and academic expectations. Parents are not always the best judge of readiness, because they can be plagued by anxieties.”

Babycenter adds, “If your child is not in preschool or you just want another opinion, check with your child’s doctor. She will know about your child’s physical development and can offer helpful feedback as to whether your child is ready. You can also talk with family members and friends who know your child well.”

When you’ve gathered this information along with what you assess of your child’s level of emotional and intellectual readiness, you can make an educated choice about enrolling in kindergarten. Additionally, if your child is well-established in the following skills, as described by The Spruce, you will feel even more secure and confident in your decision.

  • They can follow basic directions
  • They can sit still
  • They can handle separation from you
  • They can get along with others and make new friends
  • They can use the bathroom on their own
  • They can communicate their needs with adults
  • They are willing to share
  • They have good use of their motor skills
  • They can recognize numbers and letters
  • They are eager to learn

While not every one of these bullet points must be attainted pre-enrollment, a majority met would be a sure sign your child is ready.

How did you decide that your child was ready for kindergarten? Or, are you about to embark on the milestone soon?

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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  1. Uses the restroom. Your child should be able to know when they have to go to the bathroom and be able to manage it by themselves .


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