Three Terrific Toys That Help with Vocabulary

Three Terrific Toys That Help with Vocabulary

Expanding our kids’ vocabulary is essential. Learning day by day helps them broaden their vocabulary word by word. These three exceptional teaching tools are interactive games that kids will love playing with. It will feel like playtime, but you’ll be impressed at how well they help kids learn.

Read With Me Scout

This adorable plush puppy will become your child’s favorite new companion. Scout reads to your child as they read along in one of Leap Frog’s five interactive books. As children develop listening comprehension skills and new vocabulary, they have a ton of fun while learning. Kids can also enjoy music and lullabies through the toy. Read With Me Scout engages with your child, asking questions to make sure they are paying attention and absorbing the information. Cute and creative, this toy is as sweet as it is smart!



Sparkup Magical Book Reader

Kids will be mesmerized by Sparkup Magical Book Reader. You can prerecord yourself reading any picture book and the reader will play it once it’s clipped to the nifty device. If you prefer, you can download recorded stories and the reader will even play sound effects. As you child flips through the colorful pages of their favorite book, Sparkup reads along at their pace. This gadget helps kids become more confident with their reading skills with the aid of a high-tech partner in learning.



Spinning Lights Learning Hippo

An interactive purple hippo will become your child’s teaching tool while they have fun spinning and watching the moving lights. Spinning Lights Learning Hippo encourages language development and introduces numbers too. Paired with music, Spinning Lights Learning Hippo makes learning entertaining as well as educational. Children feel like it’s a game, but this hippo is a teaching tool you both will love.


Do you have any toys you’d recommend to other All My Children blog readers? We’d love to share more vocabulary-boosting products with the AMC community.

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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