Healthy Swaps For Healthier Meals

Eat up and do it well!


There’s always a way to make meals healthier for your family. And you don’t have to sacrifice great taste for better health.

Kids may be finicky when it comes to feeding time, but with a little creativity and maybe some convincing, they’ll be excited to eat these revamped meals and snacks.

You don’t have to make huge changes to make a difference. Small swaps can be effective in eating better.

Here are some simple ways to bring healthier eating habits into your home. You’ll feel better about what you’re feeding your kids and they’ll be better for it!

Cut down on juice:

Yes, real fruit juices are often vitamin-packed, but they can be high in sugar. Consider combining half a glass of the juice with water or sparkling water. Serve real whole fruit rather than juice. For example, give the kids an orange rather than a glass of orange juice. It’s more satisfying and has more fiber. They’ll get more of the natural flavor and “good stuff.” Plus, many juices are made from concentrate and added sugars and other ingredients are often mixed in – things your kids don’t need.

Check sodium levels:

Do you serve your children canned goods like condensed soups, pastas, and the like? Many of these convenient items are packed with added salt. Check labels before you purchase. When you can, make soups and pastas yourself. This way, you’re in control of how much salt goes into the dish. Pay attention to other foods too, like frozen items. Plus, even sweet foods like breakfast cereals can be high in sodium. Be aware to make better choices.

Stay away from soda:

There’s no reason kids should be drinking soda, be it regular or diet. Perhaps the only bubbly beverage that’s OK is plain seltzer or a type that’s flavored naturally. There is so much added sugar and artificial ingredients in most regular sodas and the diet options contain artificial sweeteners that can be unsafe. Serve the kids water or sparkling water, and you can jazz it up with fresh fruit slices.

Do dessert differently:

Kids love sweets, but that doesn’t mean going overboard with cookies, cakes, and ice cream. To satisfy their sweet tooth, serve fresh berries, low-fat yogurt, or some trail mix. Every once in a while, it’s OK to indulge, but save the super sugary/fatty treats for special occasions.

How do you make smart swaps in the kitchen for your kids?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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