Playdates For Groups With Kids Of Different Ages

Playtime That’s Perfect For Everyone!

You may have more than one child and want to combine their playdates with a bunch of kids of different ages. Or perhaps your friends and neighbors have kids of all ages and you’d love for everyone to get together. How will the playdate go?

When the kids in the playdate are about the same age, it’s pretty easy to find an activity that’s suitable for the group. But when the ages vary, not all activities will make sense for the kids, depending upon their ages.

Here are some ideas for multi-age playdates that will be enjoyable for the whole group. No one will feel left out or unable/unwilling to participate.

Put On A Play

The kids will love putting on a production for the parents. The older kids can coordinate and pick the characters and roles the others will play. They can come up with a plot and practice their lines. After some rehearsal time, the kids can perform their play. If you have some clothing or props the kids can use, they’ll really get into it.

Bake Cookies

Get everyone into the kitchen and assign an age-appropriate task for each kid. The older kids can measure while the younger kids can mix. Make the experience even more fun when they decorate the cookies after they’ve come out of the oven and cooled. Store-bought icing and colorful sprinkles are favorites.


Pick some kid-friendly songs everyone loves and sing together. The kids won’t be shy when everyone is participating. Some kids will really feel the spirit by dancing too. If the kids are old enough, try karaoke, so they can show off their skills.

What sorts of activities do you do with the kids when the ages of the kids in the group differ? We would love to share your ideas with the AMC community.

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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