Getting Back into the Swing of School

Getting Back into the Swing of School

School is back in session. Summer is over and the kids are back to basics. Books, backpacks, brown bag lunches, you name it. The fall is upon us and the regular routine is in motion. But are your kids really back into the swing of things?

If you need some tips to get your kids out of summer mode and back into classroom status, we’ve got you covered. Learning can be as fun as time off. Schedules that are a bit strict aren’t all that bad. School can rule! Your kids just need a little swing in their step.


Lights out when you say so is rule #1. Without proper sleep, your kids won’t function at their finest. They will be moody, groggy, temperamental, and just off their game. Lack of sleep means lower concentration, trouble focusing, and sets them up to struggle in school. Set a reasonable bedtime and be sure the kids are sufficiently relaxed before hitting the sack. Wind down an hour or so before bedtime so they are ready to shut their eyes shortly after their head hits the pillow. Mornings after a restful night’s sleep will go much smoother too…for everyone!


Start the day with a healthy dose of good nutrition. An empty belly is not a recipe for learning. Provide a balanced meal that includes fruit, whole grains, protein, and some fat. Even if there’s not much time for a sit-down meal, prepare a take-along your child can eat on the way to school. Even a simple smoothie with all the essentials will do the trick. Just make sure you serve up something satisfying to keep those little tummies happy ‘till lunchtime.


Your kids will do plenty of reading in the classroom, but that shouldn’t be the last of it. Find time to read with your child – be it at bedtime or after school. Perhaps your child would like to belong to a kids’ book club or enjoys regular trips to the local library. No matter how you make reading part of the everyday, just be sure it happens. Books beat out TV any day of the week.

Is your child back into the swing of school? Any tips for fellow AMC parents as to how they can get their kids in school mode?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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