Traveling with Kids? Be a Friendly Flier and NEVER Do These Things on a Plane

Traveling with Kids? Be a Friendly Flier and NEVER Do These Things on a Plane

Taking the kids along for a plane trip has its pros and cons. For starters, the excitement of a trip above the clouds is something most kids find exhilarating. That said, parents who travel with kids have plenty to worry about. Some kids get nervous. Others tend to become a nuisance to other passengers. Of course, parents can’t do much about crying babies, but even the big kids have their moments.

Aside from the obvious, like teaching your child to be respectful to others in the general sense, to remain in their seat, and to listen to instructions, here are 15 things to avoid while traveling by air. And this doesn’t only apply to the kids…adults, pay attention too!

15 Flying Faux Pas

  1. Bring Along a Tuna Sandwich (or any other stinky snacks)
  2. Talk to the Person Next to You When They’ve Expressed Disinterest
  3. Nod Off…On The Person Next to You
  4. Continuously Get Up to Use the Bathroom (when you’re not in the aisle seat)
  5. Laugh (or cry) Like a Lunatic as You Watch the In-Flight Movie
  6. Grab The Arm or Leg of a Stranger at Any Sign of Turbulence
  7. Keep Getting Up for Your Belongings in the Overhead Bin
  8. Start an Argument with the Person In Front of You When He/She Reclines His/Her Seat
  9. Travel with a Nasty Cough (if you can avoid it)
  10. Hog the Arm Rest Between Your Seats
  11. Be Rude to the Flight Attendants
  12. Wear Far too Much Perfume/Cologne
  13. Fall Asleep and Snore Like a Freight Train
  14. Take Off Your Shoes Mid-Flight
  15. Keep Closing the Window Shade When The Person Next to You Wants to Look Outside

There are plenty of other ‘no-nos’ while flying. Your best bet is common courtesy – something your kids will mimic if they see you well-behaved in the sky.

Have a safe and drama-free flight!

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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