Educational Playtime

Learning And Loving It!

We all want our kids to have fun. But education is just as important. By combining the two, kids get the best of both worlds, and parents are pleased. By incorporating education into play, the experience is enhanced. Kids enjoy what they are doing while learning along the way. Here are some ideas that you can try with your kids. They’ll have a blast and benefit in the process.

Dramatic Reading

We all know how important books are. Reading helps build vocabulary, and kids’ imaginations soar. Rather than reading the “regular” way, get the kids dressed up like the characters in the book and they can “act out” the story while they read. This is fun to do with friends too.

Cards In Two Languages

Children pick up a second language more easily the earlier they are exposed to it. Use a deck of playing cards and have the kids pick cards from the deck. They have to identify the number or letter on the card and say it in another language you want them to learn to speak. They can also learn the words for the symbols on the cards (heart, diamond, etc.). When they ace everything in the deck, you’ll all be proud.

Math In The Kitchen

Kids who love to join you in the kitchen to help prepare meals can learn math skills at the same time. While measuring ingredients, let the kids help figure out the portions. Baking is especially reliant on precision, so whip up something sweet while the kids get smarter!

Do you have some recommendations in regard to incorporating learning into playtime? We’d love to share your thoughts with the AMC community.

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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