Encourage Your Kids to Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

It’s always beneficial for people of all ages to have a variety of interests and to try new things. When it comes to children, much of what they do are “firsts,” but after a while, many kids fall into routines and feel fine with doing the usual day after day.

While doing what they enjoy is perfectly OK, it’s a good idea to encourage your child to broaden their horizons and explore new activities to learn and grow into well-rounded individuals.

As parents, we can show our kids the ropes when it comes to opening their minds and hearts to new adventures and experiences. Some kids will be open for the excitement while others may need some convincing, but no matter their interest level, you can be sure that they will benefit from your motivation and push for them to explore and become enlightened.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you get your child out of their comfort zone and ready to enjoy so much more of what life has to offer.

After-School Fun

There are many teams, clubs, classes, and lessons available to kids once the school day is over. After-school activities are where kids can expand on their talents, meet new friends, learn new skills, and develop useful social skills. Your child has the potential to reach new heights and realize what makes them excited when they have the chance to broaden their after-school experiences. For instance, your child may take piano lessons, but along with those, you may want to sign them up for after-school sports too. They will have a chance to interact with other kids and get active- two things her piano lessons simply can’t provide no matter how wonderful they may be.

New Foods

Lots of kids are hesitant to try new foods. But mac and cheese and PB & J are only a taste of what your child may enjoy when it comes to culinary adventures. Introduce new foods into your child’s diet so they can experience new flavors and expand upon what pleases their palate. When you go out to eat, allow your child to try some of what you’re eating or to order off the regular menu rather than the kids’ menu. At home, let your child cook with you so they can see what is going into their dishes. When kids can partake in the cooking, they are apt to be willing to eat new foods. Add new foods slowly so they can get used to new flavors and textures. Before you know it, your child will crave some of the most unique treats!

How do you get your child to step out of their comfort zone? We’d love to share your tips with the AMC community.

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By: Melissa A. Kay