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ZOOM Playdate Ideas When The Kids Can’t Get Together In Person

These days, in-person playdates aren’t what they used to be.

Perhaps you’ve coordinated with a few families who you trust for small get togethers. That said, the usual after-school or weekend playdates aren’t nearly as carefree or casual as they once were. It’s a sign of the ongoing pandemic, and we all need to be cautious.

While we want our kids to be safe, they also need to socialize. When you’re uncomfortable about an in-person playdate or can’t organize one like you used to, a ZOOM remote playdate is a modern option.

Here are some ideas the kids will enjoy using ZOOM with their friends. You can help out with the set-up if your kids are small. Older kids are probably quite sophisticated with the platform already, so let them do their thing.

Book Club

Just like an in-person book club, the kids can read a book they’ve chosen (the same one for everyone) and plan a time to discuss via ZOOM. They can also take turns reading passages on the ZOOM call. If you have little ones, the parents can read a picture book as the kids look on.

Cooking “Together”

Kids with a culinary “appetite” would love to whip up some recipes in the kitchen. Find some likeminded friends and share a recipe that’s kid-friendly. The kids can tune into ZOOM while prepping at the same time. They can eat their goodies together too, remotely. The kids will love showing off their creations, and if you’d like, you can drop off a Tupperware of food at one another’s homes.


There’s nothing like music to bring people together, so get a musical group to call into a ZOOM meeting and play some lively tunes. The kids can sing along, showing off their talents and love for music. Try a karaoke night to give each child a chance to shine.

Indoor “Campfire”

Each child can set up a makeshift tent in their home using bedsheets in the living room or in their bedroom. Dim the lights, serve up some s’mores, and get comfy under a blanket or sleeping bag. Tell ghost stories or just chit chat. While it’s not exactly a sleepover, the same level of fun can be achieved with some imagination.

ZOOM is versatile and useful for all ages. Are your kids using ZOOM? Have you come up with some ideas to keep the kids socializing with their peers during the pandemic?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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