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Words of Encouragement to Help Your Kids Cope

As the COVID-19 pandemic still lingers, many kids’ lives have been turned upside down.

Some things are getting back to “normal,” but there are lasting effects from missing school, isolation, and fear. Kids need to know things will be OK, and as parents and caretakers, it is our job to deliver the message.

Lead by Example

Of course, we do not know what the future holds, but by boosting kids’ self-esteem, it empowers them to rise above and stay positive. The examples we set and the lessons we teach are so important, both when kids are feeling low and when things are going smoothly.

Encouraging your kids to hold their heads up high and use their strengths and talents will help them keep the faith even in the most trying of times. Words of reassurance will inspire kids to go the extra mile, hold onto hope, and dream big.

Overcoming Challenges

Some kids have fallen into a “funk” over the past year. It is understandable and upsetting. Now is the time to lift their spirits, show them they are strong, and be their biggest cheerleaders. There is so much to look forward to, accomplishments to achieve, and new endeavors to embark on.

It’s the Little Things

Each morning, start off with a smile and words of comfort and advice. A go-getter attitude will give your kids the boost to delve into the day with determination and perseverance. Let them know how proud you are of them, just for being themselves. They don’t need to get an “A” on an exam or score a goal in soccer for your praise. If they try hard, do good deeds, and treat people with respect, that is success.

Leave notes around with affirmative quotes, cute sayings and drawings, and sweet messages of love. At night, read together, snuggle up, and talk openly about the day. A pat on the back, a warm embrace, and kiss on the cheek are always well-received.

Pay it Forward

Remind your kids to pass along the optimism to others, be it friends, neighbors, or their siblings. It takes a community to thrive, and when we are all looking out for one another’s well-being, we will do better.

How do you encourage your kids?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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