What to Do if Your Child is Struggling in School

What to Do if Your Child is Struggling in School

When a parent learns that their child is having a hard time in school, feelings can range from worry to sadness to anger. All parents want their child to succeed, and school struggles can cause kids to have low self-esteem, frustration, or a distaste for learning. What’s a parent to do? While not every child is going to be a straight-A student, it’s important that they try and do the best they can with their abilities. If your child is struggling in school, here are some ways to get to the source of the problem with the chance for turning things around for the good.

Is There a Learning Issue?

As kids develop and spend more time in school, a parent or teacher may believe that a child may have a learning issue preventing him from giving his all or doing his best. Perhaps the child has an attention issue, a reading setback, or related problem. If you feel this is the case and is causing your child to struggle in school, bring it up at their next pediatric appointment. There are many things that can be done so that your child can soar even with certain learning issues. By dealing with the issue, your child may need to learn in a different way or require more time to complete tasks. Many teachers are well-prepared for a variety of issues and can help you navigate the path to a more attainable course of learning for your child.

Does He Need Extra Help?

Some kids are slower learners or need more time to process new information than others. A large class of many kids may not allow for a teacher to give that one-on-one attention your child may need in order to succeed. Consider after-school extra help or a tutor or tutoring program after school or on weekends. You can also help by sitting with your child as he does his homework to figure out where his weaknesses lie. Not every child can learn at the same pace, so you don’t want your child to fall behind. A little extra help can get your child up to speed and less stressed about keeping up with his classmates.

Is He Focused?

Some kids struggle in school due to inability to pay attention or a short attention span. Ask your child’s teacher if he’s focused on his studies and when the teacher is talking. Some kids lose focus easily and miss entire lectures because they are looking out the window, doodling, or whispering to classmates. Additionally, some kids are bored with the curriculum because it’s too simple for them. Perhaps your child needs to be in a more advanced class. Your child’s teacher can help you get to the root of their focus issue and help your child zone in on learning with clarity.

What are your tips for kids struggling in school? We’d love to share your advice with other parents.

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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  1. How can you get your Two Year Old, To use words, Less gestures! She is just starting to put two words together. She says lots of words, understands commands,: Knows every toy fruit, article of Clothing, every part of her body, She can follow directions: She even plays make believe with Her toys:
    i.e.: Set her table, puts her dolls in THIER seats
    Feeds them: Says nite nite, puts them down for naps-with a Blanket. For Such a Small child, She has a sense of humor, will hide & jump out & laugh if you pretend you get scared:
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