Take Cereal To The Next Step

Kids have been eating cereal for breakfast for what seems like forever. The simple meal makes mornings easy, with minimal prep work or clean up. Perfect for busy mornings when moms and dads don’t have much time. Kids love the crunch, and parents are pleased that they are getting something into their children’s bellies before school.

While the basic bowl of cereal and milk is tasty, jazzing it up makes the standard stand out. These add-ons and switch-ups will create some excitement, and breakfast will become even better.

Go Nuts!

Spoon in mixed nuts and get great texture as well as some protein. If your child is nut-free, try seeds instead.

Fun With Fruit

Add some mixed berries, sliced banana, or even dried fruit to add freshness and flavor.

Mix Up Your Milk

Go for almond milk or soymilk instead of “regular” for a difference in taste. On special occasions, let the kids use strawberry or chocolate milk as a treat.

Cereal Combos

Who said you have to stick to just one cereal? Pour two or three kinds into one bowl for a “mash-up” the kids will crave.

Go For Yogurt

Instead of milk, mix dry cereal into yogurt. The creaminess is cool and curbs those morning hunger pangs.

Sweeten The Deal

Choose less-sugary cereals but still get that sweet tooth satisfied by drizzling some honey into the bowl. You don’t need much to make a difference.

Any tips on turning a boring bowl of cereal into something special? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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