Rego Park Spring Happenings

Rego Park is handling remote learning well.

The director commends Ms. Greeny, the Robins class teacher, who masters remote learning Google Meets on Hangouts, implementing present features with ease to provide unit-focused lessons to her students.

Ms. Pam, the Toucan class teacher, captivates her students with her animated puppet friend Squirrel every morning.

Ms. Casie, the Cardinals class teacher, allows for children’s creativity and imagination to develop with creative home school connection activities.

Ms. Karla, the Dove class teacher, provides instruction by engaging in sing-a-longs together every morning.

Ms. Beatrice and Ms. Vanessa, the Swan and Duckling teachers, engage toddlers in meaningful unit-focused instruction that fosters independence.

The diligent effort by Stella Roberg, the educational director at Site 8 makes it possible for our much appreciative parents to receive their breakfasts and lunches.

Here’s a pic of a happy and hardworking student:

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