Pair Your Kid’s Personality with the Right Pet

Pair Your Kid’s Personality with the Right Pet

Is your child pestering you for a pet? If you’re finally ready to give in and go for it, be mindful of the sort of pet you choose. Certain animals may be better suited for your child depending upon their personality. So, before you adopt, make your decision based on more than just cuteness and cuddliness. Because caring for a pet is a forever endeavor, and the perfect match will make the relationship so much more rewarding.

Here are some helpful suggestions that will steer you in the right direction. Talk it over with your child and see if you can make the pet process go smoothly. They may have had their heart set on a particular pet. But when they hear about the alternatives and why a different pet may be a wiser choice, everyone will be happier…including your newest non-human family member.

Is Your Child Outgoing?

If your child is super bubbly, talkative, friendly, and fun-loving, a puppy is the perfect choice. Puppies are incredibly active, so they need an upbeat caretaker who can keep up. From tossing a ball outside to playing fetch, not to mention the many walks the puppy will need regularly, your child’s outgoing nature will be at the right level to take on a puppy with full steam. All that running around will tire both of them out by the end of the day!

Is Your Child Introverted?

For kids who enjoy solo time, one-on-one play dates, and quieter activities, a kitten would make for a well-suited furry friend. Felines are relatively self-sufficient and often keep to themselves. But when it’s time to purr and cuddle, kittens will curl up on your child’s lap for affection that’s soothing and comforting. But those curious kitties love to play too. So when it’s time to blow off some steam, your child can engage and interact ‘till it’s naptime again.

What if you’re not sure if your child is ready for a pet?

Start small with a pet that doesn’t require much caregiving from your child, but still needs some attention as far as feedings, playtime, and clean-up. This could be a great way to gauge if another pet is in the cards. Try getting a fish tank, a hamster or gerbil, or a lizard. You’ll get your child accustomed to caring for another being, seeing which aspects they like/dislike about being a pet owner, and so forth.

Good luck with your new pet. Your child will form a deep bond that will never be broken. Personality can prove helpful in choosing the perfect pet!

How did you decide on a pet? We’d love to hear your story. For more information like this, please visit All My Children’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay

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