On-The-Go Snacks For Busy Families

Today’s families are forever on-the-go. There is barely time for a breather, so getting a quick snack in the kids’ systems means doing it without wasting time. That said, we don’t want to feed our kids junk food or drive-thru fare. These unhealthy foods may be fast, but they’re not part of a decent diet.

There is still a smart way to provide kids with snacks that are easy to take along, taste great, and provide them with nutritious energy. These snacks are simple, making your daily routine go more swiftly and sufficiently. And don’t forget, these snacks are just as amazing for grown-ups too!

Pre-Packaged Protein Shake


For a snack that’s chock-full of protein, keeping kids full for hours, a rich protein shake is the perfect take-along drink that’s smooth and satisfying. Try a plant-based variety in Aloha. Their vanilla organic protein drink goes down the hatch on-the-go, providing a powerful blend of good-for-you ingredients. It comes in chocolate sea salt and coconut flavors too, so mix and match for mouthwatering goodness.

Trail Mix


Trail mix offers a blend of textures and flavors, giving kids a nice variety to snack on. Make your own batch or buy a store-bought brand like Thrive Market Paleo Snack Mix. This savory combo of cashews, pecans, banana chips, spices, and more make every bite uniquely irresistible. If you like to do it yourself, combine dried fruit, seeds, nuts, carob chips, and mini pretzels. Bag it up in portion-controlled pouches, take some along, and enjoy.

Squeezable Yogurt


For a calcium kick that’s sweetly scrumptious, a squeezable yogurt tube makes eating yogurt on-the-go friendly. Try Go-Gurt, particularly their character-themed tubes, for extra excitement. There are lots of flavors to choose from, including Cool Cotton Candy, Vanilla Wave, and Strawberry Splash. Kids will love the superheroes, cartoon characters, and princesses on the box. No spoon required.

What sorts of on-the-go snacks do your kids love? The simpler, the better, so share your faves and give us some fresh snacking options.

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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