More Happenings At AMC Locations

Enjoy some of the latest AMC Happenings at some of our locations.

Valentine’s Day at Sutphin

Crafts at 164 Place

A.R. is a UPK student at 164 Place. A.R. created designs and patterns with translucent shapes on the light table.

C.O. is a student at 164 Place. C.O. counted the stars she glued on a black paper. C.O. said, “I want to count stars. I see stars at night time.”

Puppets at Ridge Street

V.H. and T.B. are Learning Bridges students at Ridge Street. They put on a puppet show with shadow puppets.

Students in the Learning Bridges class at Ridge Street used color paddles and flashlights to create a light show.

S.D. is a student in the Hut room at Ridge Street. S.D. made shadows with a shadow puppet.

Spirit Week at Ridge

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