Kids Playing

Make Playtime Learning Time

By incorporating education into playtime, the experience is enhanced. Children enjoy what they are doing while learning along the way. Here are three ideas that you can try with your kids.

Make Reading Come to Life

family reading

Reading helps build vocabulary, and kids’ imaginations soar. Make reading come to life by dressing the kids like the characters in the book, and they can act out the story while they read.

Check out these fun dress-up ideas from Good Housekeeping.

Playing Cards for Communication & Learning

Playing cards

Children tend to pick up a second (or third) language more easily the earlier they are exposed to it. Here’s a way to practice languages using a deck of playing cards. Your child can identify the number or letter on the card and say it in English and another language. They can also learn the words for the symbols on the cards (heart, diamond, etc.).

Learning Math Skills in the Kitchen

girls baking

Kids who like to spend time with you in the kitchen can learn math skills simultaneously. While gathering and preparing ingredients, work on measuring proportions, and this hands-on approach makes math more visual.

How do you turn playtime into learning time?

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By: Melissa A. Kay