Lessons in Kindness – Little Things You Can Do That Will Make an Impression on Your Children

Lessons in Kindness – Little Things You Can Do That Will Make an Impression on Your Children

Children learn so much by simply observing the world around them. When you display positive behavior, it rubs off on impressionable youngsters. What better way to instill kindness and a caring spirit in your child’s mind than to “walk the walk?” Teach your child valuable and long-lasting lessons in kindness. What you say and do matters. Your child looks to you for guidance, so lead them in a positive direction. Here are some little things you can do regularly to make a lasting impression on your child.

Be Patient

What’s the rush? And why the frustration? Take a few deep breaths if you feel like you’re losing your cool or you’re at your wit’s end. When you exhibit patience, you show you have respect for others and self-control. Show your child that giving others your time and understanding goes a long way. Things may take a tad longer or not go the way you’d prefer in “a perfect world.” But taking a step back and giving others a break will lead to a more harmonious environment.

Pay it Forward

Every so often, do something nice for another person for no reason at all, aside from the fact that you want to brighten their day. Maybe you can pay for the coffee for the person behind you in line at the café. Let someone go ahead of you in line at the grocery store. Offer to watch the neighbor’s kids on a weekend night so they can go out for dinner. Volunteer to bring water and snacks to the next Little League practice even if it’s not your turn. Your giving attitude will “go viral” and you’ll see others begin to follow in your footsteps. Soon, everyone will be more giving. It will create a lovely atmosphere that will start with your inner circle and expand outward.

Give Compliments

People are often quick to criticize, but what about the good stuff? Give compliments whenever you can. Whether it is something as simple as remarking on a friend’s new haircut or congratulating a colleague on their stellar presentation, a compliment goes a long way. Teach your child to say something nice to someone who may seem down or lonely. There is always something positive you can see in someone else. It will make someone’s day to feel noticed, accepted, and appreciated.

What lessons do you teach your child when it comes to kindness? For more information like this, please visit All My Children’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay


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  1. I always tried to teach my children to treat others the way you would like to be treated no matter who walked through my door, be it an invited or uninvited guest. Now that they have families of their own, I see that my compassion for others rubbed off on my own children. They make me so proud! 🙂


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