Kindness to Animals

Character Building and Values

Kindness to Animals

Check out Mrs. Bimala’s All My Children Daycare and Nursery School class over at 164th Place.

The class met and expressed kindness to two puppies, Lakas and Princess!  They enjoyed observing and being involved in caring for the animals and tending to their needs.

Circle time was spent asking questions, including:

What does a puppy eat?, How do we care for puppies’ hair and skin? And what to do if a puppy gets sick.

Thank You to Mrs. Bimala and our Parent Volunteers and Lakas & Princess for bringing this unit to life!

Baby Chicks at Lefferts

The children at All My Children Daycare and Nursery School at 420 Lefferts Ave, Brooklyn, NY, were so excited to welcome new baby chicks to the classroom. The class watched the eggs and counted the days until they were ready to hatch. Everyone was so excited to meet and hold the baby chicks when they hatched! Class 2C is looking forward to caring for them and watching them as they grow.

Here are some benefits of teaching young children to care for animals:

  • Responsibility: Children caring for animals learn the importance of caring for another living thing. They learn to feed, water, and walk their pet and clean up after them. This teaches them responsibility and helps them develop a sense of empathy for others.
  • Compassion: Caring for animals can help children empathize with other living things. They learn to understand their pet’s needs and to meet those needs. This can help them develop compassion for other people and animals.
  • Kindness: Caring for animals can help children learn to be kind to others. They know to be gentle and patient with their pet and to avoid hurting them. This can help them develop kindness and compassion for other people and animals.
  • Love: Animals can provide children with unconditional love and support. This can be especially important for children struggling with difficult emotions. Caring for an animal can help children feel loved and supported and give them purpose.

If you are considering getting a pet for your child, keep a few things in mind. First, choose an appropriate animal for your child’s age and temperament. Second, ensure you have the time and resources to care for your pet correctly. Third, be prepared to teach your child how to care for their pet. With some planning, you can help your child develop a lifelong love of animals.


188th St. AMC Jamaica Estates Bucket Fillers – Doing Nice Things

Check out the children at All My Children Daycare and Nursery School at 188th Street, Jamaica Estates. They read a book called “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud, and all the children became “Bucket Fillers” – saying and doing nice things for others. They learned that by acting in this manner, they could fill other people’s buckets while filling their own buckets simultaneously.

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