Is Your Child Afraid of the Dark?

Sleep time can be daunting for children who have a fear of the dark. No matter how much we reassure them, there’s something about “lights out” for some kids that gives them a scare. This fear can be eliminated or greatly subdued with these helpful tips you can try with your child. Before you know it, nighttime will be something they will look forward to and your child will be refreshed for school after a peaceful night’s sleep.

Try a Small Nightlight 

Sometimes, the pitch black is what makes a child uneasy. A small nightlight may be all you need to keep his bedroom dark enough for sleep but with a hint of light so he can still see around the room. Kids have wild imaginations, so any creak, footstep, or shadow in the dark can create a slew of frightening thoughts in his mind. Keep a small nightlight on until he’s comfortable going to bed without one.

Take a Tour of the Room with Your Child Before Bedtime 

Kids who are afraid of the dark may believe that something scary is lurking in his bedroom. Before you put him to bed, walk through the room together, look in the closet, peek under the bed, and make sure all the windows are shut. He will feel at ease and rest better knowing you made sure he’s safe and sound. Once you’ve done this enough times and nothing is found, he may get tired of the routine and go to bed without the pre-sleep room run-through.

Do Something Fun in the Dark as a Family 

Show your child that the dark can be fun. Read campfire stories in the den in the dark. Turn off the lights and watch a family-friendly movie. Look out at the stars on a clear night. When your child realizes the dark is no big deal and can be fun, he will be more inclined to lose his fear of the dark when it comes to sleep time.

How did you help your child with their fear of the dark? We’d love to share your tips with the AMC community.

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By: Melissa A. Kay


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