How to Prepare Your Child for a New Babysitter or Nanny

How to Prepare Your Child for a New Babysitter or Nanny

Once you are ready or have no choice but to leave your child in the care of a new babysitter or nanny, you and your child will benefit from preparing for the new person about to enter your child’s life before the big day comes. With sufficient information and pre-planning, your toddler or young child will feel confident and excited to meet his new caregiver. Here are some tips to get your child ready for this change in his life so there is no fear or worry once you leave him with the new sitter.


Talk About the Nanny/Sitter Weeks Before They Meet


Before you spring a new person on your child, take time to chat about the sitter before the actual in-person meeting. By making the sitter part of the everyday conversation, your child will feel like he already knows the sitter before actually meeting. Talk about the sitter’s excitement for meeting your family. Discuss what she looks like and what she likes to do. Let your child ask questions and find out as much as possible about the sitter. If she’s open to it, set up a pre-meeting phone call or FaceTime chat. Once they meet, your child will feel comfortable now that he knows a bit about her. He will have the feeling like they’ve already met. This will put your child’s fear of the unknown at bay.


Get Some New Games or Toys for When the Sitter Comes


To make the first time with the new sitter something to look forward to, get some new games and toys for your child that he can play with for the very first time with the sitter. With the anticipation of the fun of something new to play with, he won’t be able to wait until the sitter arrives and they can play together. This will create a positive association to the sitter. You child and the sitter will form a special bond navigating the new games and toys as a team.


Make Artwork or Special Treats for the Sitter


Kids love to make adults proud of them. You child will relish in creating something nice for the new sitter. He can draw a picture for her or bake cookies with you to enjoy with the sitter. Once the sitter arrives, your child’s offerings will put a big smile on her face, and in turn, will make your child beam as well. Your child will look forward to seeing her to present new gifts every time she comes by to watch him. The sitter can keep all the special gifts as a reminder of what an important role she has had in your child’s life.


How did you prepare your child to meet the new caregiver? Any tips will surely be appreciated by the AMC family. For more information like this, please visit All My Children.


By: Melissa A. Kay


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