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How to Create a Summer Reading List for Kids

Summer fun includes summer reading! Young children benefit tremendously from reading. Here’s why:

Improved language skills: Reading exposes children to new words and phrases. This helps them learn to use language in various ways to help them better communicate in writing and speech.

Increased knowledge: Reading provides children with information about the world, including history, science, and current events.

Enhanced critical thinking skills: Reading helps children learn to think critically, and this can help them make thoughtful decisions and to solve problems more effectively.

Improved imagination: Reading helps children develop their imaginations, which can help them think creatively and develop new ideas.

Stronger bond with parents and other caregivers: Summer reading is a great way to bond with children. It can provide a special time for parents and children to connect and share their love of books.

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Create Your Child’s Reading List

  1. Start by considering your child’s interests. What type of books does your child like to read? Does your child like fantasy, adventure, or mystery? Make a list of genres that your child enjoys.
  2. Look for books appropriate for your child’s age and reading level. Look for books with simple language if your child is a beginner reader. If your child is an advanced reader, look for books with more complex language and longer chapters.
  3. Consider books that are part of a series. Series books can be great for kids because they can follow the same characters from book to book.
  4. Look for books about current events or topics your child is interested in. This will help your child stay engaged and motivated to read.
  5. Ask your child’s teacher or librarian for recommendations. They may have some great suggestions for books that your child will love.
  6. Make sure to include some classics. Classics are timeless and can give your child an excellent foundation for understanding literature.
  7. Finally, don’t forget to include some fun books. Summer is a great time for kids to explore different genres and topics. Let your child pick out a few books they are interested in, even if they’re unrelated to the other books on the list.

What do you plan to read with the kids this summer? Check out this great list from Scholastic for children ages 3-5 if you need suggestions.

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By: Melissa A. Kay