Help Your Child Get Comfortable with Class Participation

Some children are reluctant to speak up in class, and class participation makes them fearful or anxious even if they understand the lessons and know the answers.

It may be because they’re shy or worried about what others might think, but having all eyes on them is dreadful. Even seeing other children actively participate may not change how another child interacts.

Some teachers require that every child chime in, while others tend to call on the ones who raise their hands. The silent students are more like bystanders who do learn, but they may not be getting as much as they can out of each lesson.

By practicing at home, parents can help their children feel more confident and comfortable. Your encouragement will boost their self-esteem, possibly leading to more class participation.


Here are 13 ways to help your child practice participation:

  • Read books out loud
  • Practice spelling
  • Introduce them to new people
  • Join after-school clubs/ teams
  • Volunteer
  • Call or FaceTime friends and relatives
  • Record family activities on video
  • Put on sock puppet shows
  • Do family singalongs or dance parties
  • Host a neighborhood potluck dinner
  • Create a kids’ book club
  • Enter a talent show
  • While you’re out doing errands, encourage your child to ask questions and make requests to store clerks and cashiers

Do things that help your child step out of their comfort zone while feeling safe and supported. The more they participate in everyday conversations and interactions, the more natural they’ll feel doing it. This will work its way into the classroom.

Remember, some children are introverted, and that’s OK. Work with them at their own pace and pay attention to their verbal and nonverbal cues. There are many ways children can participate where they feel comfortable and confident.

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By: Melissa A. Kay