Fun Ways to Sneak Vocabulary Lessons Into the Everyday

Fun Ways to Sneak Vocabulary Lessons Into the Everyday

We all want our kids to learn as much as possible, even while they are not in school. As parents, we can keep the education going even after the school day is over.

One area where we can keep the momentum going is with vocabulary. Kids are like sponges when it comes to taking in knowledge, so use any possible moment as a teaching moment while keeping things light and fun. The kids won’t even think of it as learning, but you’ll know that you’re giving your child the tools to develop their ever-expanding vocabulary.

Here are some fun ways to sneak in vocabulary lessons no matter where you are!


Whether you’re in the car or hanging out at home, put on some upbeat child-appropriate music and sing with your child. Some of the words in the lyrics will be new to your child, so point those out and give your child its meaning. Suggest using the word later that day when applicable. Your child will be proud to show off their knowledge and will be eager to play new songs with even more new words to add to their vocabulary. Doesn’t that sound like music to your ears?!

Go to the Zoo 

Take an adventurous trip to the zoo and as your child has a blast seeing all the interesting animals, they will learn new animal names, countries of origin, and descriptive words about the animals’ behaviors and habits. Your child will be excited to learn as much as possible about the unique creatures, yet won’t feel like they’re being given a tedious lesson. The time spent together will be a great memory as well as a treasured teaching moment.

Talk to Older People 

While your friends or family are around, don’t always send the little ones off to play on their own. Allow them to spend some time with the adults and participate in appropriate conversations. They will learn new words and hear about a variety of topics that can help expand their vocabulary. The kids will get a thrill from being allowed at the “adult table” and will love being a participant in grown-up discussions.

Do you have a fun way to expand your child’s vocabulary?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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