February Happenings at AMC

February Happenings at AMC


We have been so busy in Pre-K for the last few weeks. We have been learning and exploring in so many ways!

Our exciting exploration of Transportation with the children provided many opportunities for the children to share and discuss their experiences. We focused on what kinds of transportation there are and which ones we use, who operates the vehicles, and how we keep ourselves safe when traveling. These safety guidelines are important and do take the time to practice and review them with your child. We talked about the purpose of transportation and the children shared what their favorite form of transportation is and why.

We also reflected about how we can help others using transportation with specialty vehicles such as police cars and helicopters, firetrucks, and ambulances, and even including coast guard rescue boats. We learned there are different ways to travel on land, sea or when in the air. What a wonderful world to explore!

We read several books about transportation and even our classic The Little Engine that Could.  Children know how hard the Little Engine train worked, tried and succeeded. It was an opportune platform to teach children “I think  I can” the value of optimism and hard work.

Community Helpers – Another Photo

Mayfield/ Jamaica Est News

This month at AMC Mayfield our classes are focusing on the winter season. We are exploring the many ways winter impacts our everyday lives and researching what happens to the world around us. In the toddler class, Miss Rebecca and Miss Adi’s students had the opportunity to go outside and touch the snow and ice we found in a sand bucket. We brought the ice inside and got to play with it in our water table. It was sooo cold!

Our 2-year-old class used their imaginations and created pictures of the trees in winter and compared it to their pictures of the trees they made in the fall. Our three-year-old class is studying how animals survive in the winter and we learned all about hibernation! The Pre-K class celebrated winter with a winter brunch party with all our families. The students prepared by learning songs about winter and danced and sang for their families. We shared a delicious brunch together to celebrate all we learned and enjoyed spending time with our families. Our amazing time together included a special project that parents and students worked together to create. We each made a unique picture frame using a variety of materials and each student brought home their frames with a picture of themselves and their parents commemorating the event.

Celebrating  Tu bshvat @ Lefferts – Another Photo

100th Day of School at AMC

100 fingerprints @ AMC Mayfield

Brainstorming on what to buy with $100 at AMC 108 St.

Our “100-year-old” students celebrating @ 164th St.

100th Day Necklace AMC @ Rogers

Hooray for 100 amazing days at AMC! At AMC UWS

100 cups for 100 days…“Look at my belt! I made it with 100 felt hearts!  We also made a pyramid with 100 cups!!”

“100-year-olds” make some amazing art. “Look at our 100th day project.  We are dressed up like we are 100 years old!!”

Crafts for the special occasion. “We’re having fun putting on 100 gumballs on our gumball machine! They are so colorful!!”

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