Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at AMC

Teacher Appreciation Week should be EVERY week. We celebrated with delicious luncheons across the All My Children sites. A big thank you to the teachers at AMC for everything you do.

In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt successfully advocated for Congress to designate a day to honor teachers, thus beginning the observance of National Teacher Day in the United States. Learn more at Hallmark.

Here are some photos from Teacher Appreciation Week at AMC. Click any photo to enlarge it.

teacher appreciation week Teacher Appreciation Week

Show your appreciation for your child’s teacher by sending a card, giving a gift, or simply saying thank you. You can also send flowers or a gift basket filled with goodies. Or how about a framed photo of the students’ class picture?

Five amazing things about preschool teachers.

1. They are incredibly patient and understanding.

2. They have a natural ability to connect with children and make learning fun.

3. They are passionate about teaching and helping children reach their full potential.

4. They are creative and use various teaching methods to engage young learners.

5. They are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow.

End-of-the-year gifts for AMC staff!

A huge thank you to all the AMC staff for making this year a success!

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