Boost Your Little One’s Vocabulary with Little Steps Each Day

Boost Your Little One’s Vocabulary with Little Steps Each Day

Starting off young when it comes to boosting your child’s vocabulary is a great step towards a bright future. Kids need as much stimulation and education as they can get, and when it comes to fostering a broad vocabulary, the more you work with your child, the more advanced they’ll become. And with a versatile vocabulary, kids will have a chance to perform better in many areas of schooling and life in general.

Here are 4 ways you can boost your little one’s vocabulary each day. Do as much as you can to keep the process consistent and interesting for your child. Every step counts so make each moment a learning opportunity.


Read Books Before Bedtime

Before bedtime, sit beside your child and make it a ritual to read books together. Before your child can read, you can do all the reading, but as your child begins to sound out words and formulate sentences, allow them to participate. Books are adventures, so your child won’t even feel like they’re learning… but they are! There are so many age-appropriate books to choose from, so pick stories that captivate and excite your child based on their personality and interests. When you get your child into the habit of reading, they just may become a book-lover for life!


Write Letters to Relatives and Loved Ones

In today’s high-tech world, the art of letter writing has practically gone out the window. Bring back this more personal form of communication by writing letters to family and friends with your child. If they are too young to write themselves, do the writing for them, but as soon as they learn their A, B, Cs, allow your child to write the letter on their own to the best of their capabilities. Not only will this help boost their vocabulary, but it is a nice lesson for keeping in touch. Your relatives and loved ones will enjoy the mail too!


Introduce New Words in Everyday Conversation

Forgo the “baby talk” and the use of the same simplistic words day in and day out. Use new words in order to expose your child to new ways of communicating. This will broaden their vocabulary and give them options when it comes to conversing with others. Providing new ways to explain things, name items, and describe the world around them is a useful tool that will boost your child’s vocabulary to a more advanced stage early on.


How do you help boost your child’s vocabulary? We’d love to share your tips with other AMC families. For more information like this, please visit All My Children’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay


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