Be Safe This Summer – 4 Tips For Summer Safety

Be Safe This Summer – 4 Tips For Summer Safety

With summer kicking off, it’s all about fun, but welcome it wisely. This means safety must be taken seriously, especially when kids are part of the equation. While most summer activities will be smooth sailing, there are situations where injuries, accidents, or other mishaps can happen. Being proactive in preventing such scenarios is a parent’s number one duty. Follow these tips to make this summer as safe as possible, so the kids can have fun while you have peace of mind.


The summer sun is serious business. Even on overcast days, the UV rays are powerful. Never let your child leave the house without a healthy application of sunscreen all over their body. Use a high SPF and be generous. If they’ll be out all day, send along a bottle or tube for a reapplication after swimming or sweating. Sunburns can be painful and potentially dangerous. Protecting their skin is essential.


Whether the kids are swimming in a pool or the ocean, there must be lifeguards or other responsible adults present. No matter how good a swimmer your child is, there’s always the chance that something could go wrong. If you are able to provide swim lessons for your child, it would be a lifelong gift. Make sure your child always follows the rules and sticks with a buddy. Swimming is a great way to cool off and get some activity, but it’s only OK when the kids proceed with caution.


Bug bites are a pesky problem when summer comes around. Be sure to protect your child with repellent. Also make sure to check their body for ticks and bites each day after they’ve been playing outdoors. If there is anything that looks suspicious, see a doctor to be certain there’s nothing to be concerned about. Kids will get bites and most won’t be a big deal, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Summertime is the perfect season for outdoor eating. Picnics and barbeques make meals more fun, but the safety of the food is your first priority. Be sure the food doesn’t sit out in the sun for too long and spoil. Cook food thoroughly on the grill. The last thing you need is for your child to get food poisoning or even an upset stomach. Otherwise, enjoy the tasty treats that make summer even more special.

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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