After-School Ideas That Don’t Involve a “Screen”

After-School Ideas That Don’t Involve a “Screen”

Technology is a wonderful thing, but more and more kids spend far too much time planted on the couch with eyes glued to the television set. Or they are furiously tapping away at smartphones or tablets without a care about what is going on in the “real world” around them. We’re all for kids becoming savvy in the high-tech department, but there is a real need for some time away from the gadgets and gizmos to give today’s kids a taste of the simpler things in life that are as just as, or even more fun than what lies behind a glaring screen.

Now that school is back in session, after-school playtime is the perfect chance for kids to experience activities that don’t involve a screen. There is more to life than TV shows, video games, and social media. Show your kids the way to a new source of fun and entertainment they may miss out on if they don’t look up every once in a while!

Treasure Hunt

Set up a game of “treasure hunt” in the yard or even around the house if the weather isn’t permitting. Make a list similar to one you’d create for a scavenger hunt and let the kids explore. Don’t make it too easy – give clues so the kids must do some investigative work to find the hunt items. Play with teams or even alone. The point is to get off the sofa and explore. You can give a prize for completion or the winner can be the next one to create the treasure hunt list for another round of fun. Kids will love the thrill of the chase and won’t miss their tech-based toys for a second!


Kids love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen, so baking healthy treats together is a great way to bond and make something delicious as an after-school snack or something to pop into the kids’ lunchboxes for the next day. Research recipes together and get cooking. Try something simple to start, such as bran muffins, oatmeal cookies, or whole wheat biscuits. As the kids get more advanced with their baking skills, go for a recipe that requires more time and skill. You’ll be a hit at the next school bake sale!

Book Club

If your child loves to read, make reading an after-school activity with like-minded kids and their parents too. Invite a small group over for a weekly book club where you can review and discuss a chosen book which everyone must read prior to getting together. Serve soft drinks and simple snacks and watch how the kids get excited to discuss their latest read. Kids can swap books they’ve already read and donate used books to local charities. A love of reading will be instilled in your child early on and they will be more inclined to grab a book than their cell phone.

Do you have some recommendations for after-school activities that don’t involve a screen? We’d love to share your ideas with the AMC family.

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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