Advice from Others Parents Should Take Into Consideration

Advice from Others Parents Should Take Into Consideration

They say, “It takes a village…,” but some parents resent unsolicited advice from other parents when it comes to raising their children. Nosy neighbors, know-it-all relatives, and far too interested friends want to give other parents their tips and tricks when it comes to rearing their kids. Lots of parents want these people to mind their own business and allow them to raise their children as they see fit. While some of this advice may be unnecessary, much of it can be helpful if taken into consideration with an open mind. Many people you know are truly well-meaning and only want the best for you and your family. Here are some occasions when listening and learning may be of benefit.




When kids have a temper tantrum it can be sheer chaos. Parents try everything to get their kids to calm down and gain composure. Some techniques work wonders while others are useless. Sure, every child is different, but some methods of handling tantrums can be applied to children across the board. If your child is in that “meltdown” phase and you’re at your wit’s end, consider hearing how other parents deal with the madness. You never know, they may just have the key to getting your child to chill out and behave well. Give their tips a shot; it’s better than struggling through another hissy fit.




Bullying is a big problem for kids of all ages. Talking to kids at an early age about this sensitive topic is a must. Getting help from other parents who’ve already dealt with bullying can be very productive for your discussions with your child. These parents may have experience with both sides of the issue – their child may have been bullied or may have been the instigator. Before writing off another parent’s advice, hear them out. The effects of bullying can be long-lasting, so nipping the problem in the bud can change the course of your child’s life.


Being open-minded is a great way to become a better parent. While you may not agree with the tips you are given, it’s worth a shot to give other parents the opportunity to be part of your life. When others are looking out for your best interest, you will find that you will learn valuable lessons that will aid in raising your children. Be part of the community by helping other parents too. Together, we are raising the leaders of tomorrow.


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By: Melissa A. Kay

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