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5 Tips for Positive Parenting

Children benefit from positive influences in their lives.

Parents and caregivers have so much to offer the younger generation. Make an impact on your little loved ones with a “glass half-full” perspective. They’ll be better for it.

Try, Try Again

When the first time doesn’t go as hoped, encourage your children to give it another shot. This could be anything from trying out for a sports team to teaching the dog a new trick to making the bed. It takes practice to improve. Remind your children that you’ve experienced similar setbacks. And look at you now!

Have Fun!

It’s not all about being the best or winning the game. Activities become more enjoyable when there’s no pressure. Show your children that the best part of participating is following their hearts and time spent with friends. Isn’t being silly better than being serious?!

Be Inclusive

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The more, the merrier. Teach your child to be the one to welcome others into the group. Just like they wouldn’t want to be left out, their peers don’t want to feel excluded either. Approach the quiet kids who may need some motivation. Your child’s new best friend could be right in front of them.

Be Supportive

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Your children look to you for guidance and approval. Lift their spirits by standing by their side. Even when you may not be on board with your child’s pursuits, as long as it makes them happy (and it’s not hurting anybody) encourage them to reach for the stars.

Don’t Hide Your “Flaws” or “Faults”

Nobody’s perfect, not even parents. Show your children that we all have our strengths and weaknesses, and that’s OK. Embrace your individuality as well as your child’s unique qualities.

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By: Melissa A. Kay