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3 Ways to Make Reading More Fun for Kids

Building your child’s vocabulary through reading is so essential to their education, self-esteem, and future success.

Starting young helps instill the love of reading from an early age, forming a lifelong love for books.

Some kids are curious from the get-go, with a fondness for books without any push from parents. Others need a nudge, but once they realize how much fun reading can be, they will be hooked.

If you would like for your child to read more, these tips for making it exciting will get you started. Make it a special thing to do, and your child will be eager to engage. Set an example by reading regularly, and they will soon follow suit.

Snacks and Stories

After school and on weekends, plan for about a half hour of story time as your child enjoys a healthy snack. You can read to them or switch off and let them do the reading, depending upon your child’s age or what you feel like doing that day.

Rather than vegging out in front of the TV with chips or sweets, sit together at the kitchen table or on the sofa with some carrots and hummus or a cup of soup and crackers. This little ritual will become a daily must-do before doing homework or playing. Your child will like the together time as well as a breather after a long day.

Dress the Part

Find a book with characters you can dress up like as you read together. Perhaps there is a book about a princess or prince, a police sheriff or firefighter, or a dancer. You can also dress for a specific time period, location, or season.

Getting into the spirit of the story will make the pages come to life, and your child will enjoy dressing up. Take a photo of your child with each book as they dress the part.

Play Date

Invite some of your child’s friends over for a reading circle playdate. Each week, a different child can choose the book, giving everyone a chance to focus on what interest them. The kids can take turns reading or you can read to them as they look along at the pictures. After the book is finished, the kids can talk about the book, their favorite parts, etc.

How do you make reading fun for your child?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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