Does Your Child Think His Teacher is Mean or Angry?

Does Your Child Think His Teacher is Mean or Angry?

Some kids love school while others would rather be anywhere else. While there are differences in levels of eagerness to pack up and hop on the bus, our kids have to head to school no matter how they feel about going. Ideally, all kids would look forward to another day of school and hopefully, your kid is one of them. One major factor in whether or not kids like school is how well they like their teacher. Most teachers are wonderful and their students admire them. Sometimes, however, personalities may clash or your child may have a distaste for her teacher for some reason or another. Whatever the reason may be, it’s imperative that your child behave properly and show respect. Here are some tips to deal with your child if she doesn’t like her teacher.

Find Out Why

There’s got to be a reason why your child doesn’t like her teacher. Your child may be reluctant to share why she’s not happy with her teacher, but talking about it is the key to solving the problem. Did the teacher say something to offend her? Does she feel picked on or singled out? When you get down to the root of it, you may learn that there was a simple misunderstanding. You may also realize you need to talk with your child’s teacher in the hopes of resolving the problem. Until you know why, you will have trouble rectifying the situation.

Talk About Mutual Respect

This is a good opportunity to teach your child a valuable lesson. Whether or not she likes someone, she must respect them, especially when the person in question is one in a position of authority. Talk about being cordial, kind, and patient. Not everyone will like each other, but assure your child her teacher likes her. If your child is respectful, it’s a sign of growth and maturity that she’ll carry on into adulthood. In turn, she will be respected by those around her.

Look for the Positives

There must be something your child likes about her teacher. Ask her to list them for you. Perhaps she likes her teacher’s sense of humor or the way she dresses. Maybe she likes it when the teacher lets the kids have show and tell or allows them extra time for recess. Encourage your child to zone in on the positives and she’ll surely start to see even more things she likes about her teacher. Focusing on the negatives only makes the things she doesn’t like shine in the spotlight. Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.

Have you had a situation where your child didn’t like his or her teacher? How did you deal with the problem? We’d love to share your tips with the AMC community.

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By: Melissa A. Kay

Angry teacher looking pupil with hands on hips at the elementary school

Angry teacher looking pupil with hands on hips at the elementary school


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  1. I am afraid that you left out too much discussion about the very real possibility that the teacher is being mean to your child. After much investigation we confirmed the teacher did tend to single out one child. And called the children names and even said “shut up” or you will “suffer all semester”. Please don’t skirt over this real possibility. Children are intuitive and they know when someone doesn’t like them.
    I speak from my own experiences as a child. Looking back, I later found out my 5th grade teacher had a vendetta against my family which explained why I was often humiliated in front of the class to the point I developed a lifelong math anxiety.


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