What Rules Do You Teach Your Child?

What Rules Do You Teach Your Child?

As parents, it is our job to lay down the law, so to speak, for our kids. As much as many parents want to be their kids’ “best friend” and not seem overly strict or tough, rules are important in order to teach children the basics of structure, respect, and the difference between right and wrong.


Without rules put in place, kids can become lost and misguided, or wind up misbehaving, being unkind to others, and may even get into serious trouble as they get older since they’ve never learned how to follow rules and regulations in an age-appropriate manner.


Each parent has their own “dos and don’ts” they want to instill in their child, and some are more conservative than others. But as the older and wiser role model to a child, the parent must provide clear guidelines to follow so the child can grow and develop to the best of their abilities.


Some adults may feel that imposing too many rules will give their child the desire to break away to find more freedom and independence. However, the opposite may be what the future holds. A kid who never had any rules to follow may never learn how to behave orderly or properly. This child may not have the inclination to respect authority, follow instructions, or obey laws as they grow older. This can lead to a downward spiral if not reeled in by the parent every step of the way.


From an early start, it is important to lay down the foundation for a child with rules they must follow. Young children look to their parents and elders for much-needed guidance. They require this structure and education in order to learn how to function in society. While they may behave as though they are displeased by these rules you insist they must follow, deep down, children crave this type of leadership from a trusted adult.


What are the most important rules you’ve taught your child? Are you a strict parent or are you more lenient with your kids?


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By: Melissa A. Kay

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