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Tips To Ensure Your Kids Get A Good Night’s Sleep

The kids need to catch some zzzs.

With school back in session, it is so important that kids get plenty of rest so they’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for their education. Whether they’re learning remotely at home or in-person in the classroom, a well-rested child will learn better and perform at their peak.

Changing Times

While the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the rules for many households, it’s time to get back to basics with a regular routine and a sleep schedule that’s suitable for school. This means a pre-set bedtime and wake-up time, as well as uninterrupted slumber with no midnight snacks or sneaking out of bed to watch TV or to chit chat and play with siblings.

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Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

These tips below will help you get your child on the right track for a good night’s sleep for a school season that will be better than ever. The current situation makes school somewhat different, but a well-rested child is something that’s always an A+.

  • Turn Off All Tech Devices Before Getting Into Bed (TV, smartphone, tablets, video games, etc.)
  • Don’t Eat Sugary Snacks Close To Bedtime
  • Wind Down Activities An Hour Before Bedtime
  • Read A Book In Bed
  • Have A Set Bedtime, Even On Weekends
  • Keep The Room Cool And Dark
  • Wear Comfortable Sleep Attire
  • Keep Pets Out Of The Bedroom
  • Don’t Go To Bed Hungry Or Thirsty
  • Make Up A Comfortable Bed With Soft Pillows And A Warm Blanket
  • Use A “White Noise” Machine If There’s Noise Outside Or In The Household

Do you have any tips for AMC parents to help them get their kids to bed? We’d love to share your sleep secrets!

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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