Three Things to Do at Bedtime

After a long day of school, extra-curriculars, homework, dinner, and playtime, getting into bed is something we all look forward to. Kids are exhausted and parents can’t wait for the kids to hit the sack. But before the kids close their eyes and drift off into dream world, here are three things you can do to end the day on a positive note. Make it a habit to spend these precious moments with your children to enrich their lives every night.


Read Together

A bedtime story is always something to look forward to. No matter your child’s age, when you sit together and flip through the pages of a good book, the time is well-spent. Choose a story that your child will look forward to getting back to night after night and take turns reading aloud. Not only is the experience one to cherish, but it will enhance your child’s vocabulary while having fun.

Talk About the Day

When your child is finally relaxed, it is the perfect time to look back on the day and discuss the high and low points. It is so important that your child knows you are available to talk, no matter the subject. No secrets and no surprises. When your child is secure in knowing you are a shoulder to lean on and ready to offer advice and support, it will only bring you closer.

Tune Out

Bedtime is when we decompress and unwind. This means it’s time to put the electronics away. No cell phones or tablets. Turn off the TV and dim the lights. There is so much to distract us from a good night’s sleep as is. The high-tech devices only keep us awake and wound up. Get out of the habit yourself and the kids will follow suit.

Do you have any bedtime must-dos? We’d love to add to our story.

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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