Three Reasons to Get a Family Pet

Three Reasons to Get a Family Pet

Are the kids asking for a new puppy (or kitten)? What about a hamster or even a fish? Whatever type of pet they’re pleading for, perhaps now is the time to consider adopting a family pet. Summertime is a nice season to welcome a new “family member,” since the kids are out of school and have more time to spend getting acquainted and caring for the pet.

Here are three reasons to stop putting off what may be something positive and fulfilling for your family. So many pets need loving homes, so why not yours?


Revs Up Responsibility

As kids mature, they need to learn about taking responsibility. While every step depends on their age and level of understanding/maturity, parents have the role of teaching their kids to be responsible. Caring for a pet is the perfect chance to instill the values you want your child to embody. Not to mention how important this is for the pet. Be it cleaning, feeding, grooming, playing, etc., your child must take an active role in the care of their new pet. It won’t seem like much of a chore. They’ll be having so much fun anyway.

Cultivates Caring

Caring for others – be it a pet or a person – is something we must teach our kids. Being kind is of the utmost importance. We all deserve to be treated fairly and with compassion, humans and animals alike. Caring for a pet is a wonderful way to show your child what it takes to be patient, nurturing, and loving. While it will likely come naturally, the more you show your child that their care for the new pet is instrumental in the pet’s comfort and feeling of security, the more they’ll be inclined to treat their pet tenderly.

Becomes a Best Friend

They say that “dog is man’s best friend,” but cats, bunnies, even reptiles can be our best buddies too. Kids can find a wonderful companion in a family pet – someone to play with, cuddle with, and so much more. When the other kids can’t come out to play, your child has a built-in bestie to spend the day with. The bond that will form will be everlasting.

Do you have a family pet or are you thinking of adopting? We’d love to hear your story. For more information like this, please visit All My Children Daycare’s blogs.

By: Melissa A. Kay



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