Thematic Units

164th Pl. UPK – Transportation Unit

Learning through play is powerful! Play is how children thrive!

Check out our little learners in Ms. Bimala’s UPK class at All My Children Daycare & Nursery School – 164th, Jamaica, NY, having a blast placing cars down a DIY ramp in part of their January Transportation Themed Unit.


Putting together photos of themselves that were cut into puzzle pieces – 3K Seeing Unit.

Family Quilt

164th Place Light and Shadow Unit

Rego Park – Transportation Unit

Choo, Choo! Our little ones are all aboard and had a blast learning during our Transportation Unit at All My Children Daycare & Nursery School in Queens.

Rego Community Helpers Unit

3k with 3-dimensional projects for community helpers. Construction site at the dramatic play area.

Rego “All About Me” Unit

Dramatic play at Rego  – eye doctor’s office.

Rego 4K – Water Unit


Rogers “Where We Live”

Ridge Transportation Unit

Ridge Light & Shadow Unit

Sutphin Blvd. Light & Shadow Unit

The children in Miss Kelly’s UPK classroom at Sutphin Blvd. are pretending to be at a campfire roasting marshmallows during the light unit.

Mayfield Winter Thematic Unit

Birds come to feed outside the window in Ms. Pam’s 3-K class at Mayfield.

Mayfield “Where We Live” Unit

The children in Ms. Aliza’s UPK class at Mayfield sing a “Happy House” song as they begin their new unit, “ Where We Live.”

Mayfield: Building unit with 3k Ms. Pam, the kids enjoyed building a castle together!

Lefferts Thematic Units