The Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast

What’s not to love about breakfast?

We have always been told to start off the day with “the most important meal.” It is something we’ve heard since we were kids, and for good reason.

While breakfast may be a large coffee and a donut some days, we know that healthier eating is ideal. And when it comes to our kids, our example sets the stage for healthy long-term habits they can follow.

Here are four ways your children (and you too) will benefit from eating a healthy breakfast. Tomorrow morning, begin your day by being good to your body!

Helps with Concentration

When kids’ bellies are grumbling, it is hard for them to think about anything else but their next meal. This becomes uncomfortably distracting in the classroom. After eating a healthy and hearty breakfast, kids are better focused and ready to take on any challenge.

Even if you need to do an on-the-go option, it’s better than nothing. Grab a breakfast bar, a piece of fruit, or a squeezable yogurt if you’re in a rush.

Provides Energy

Food is fuel. We need to eat healthy foods to keep our bodies going, both mentally and physically. A good breakfast will keep kids energized and alert.

When kids don’t eat until lunchtime, they’ll be dragging all morning. An energizing breakfast before school will kick in by the time they’re in class and ready for their lessons.

Boosts Mood

Kids won’t feel their best when they haven’t eaten anything since the prior evening. This can negatively affect their mood and attitude. When kids are well-fed, they tend to be more cooperative and kinder.

We want our kids to be in good spirits while at school. Nutrition plays a key role in helping them stay positive and productive.

It’s Tasty!

A healthy breakfast doesn’t have to be boring. Lots of nutritious foods are delicious too, like fruit, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal, and a variety of (low sugar) breakfast cereals.

If you have time, bake some healthy muffins with the kids over the weekend to have on school day mornings. Raisin bran muffins are popular with kids. Come up with some ideas for fresh fruit smoothies too. Sneak in some leafy greens…the kids won’t taste them, and you’ll add lots of vitamins to every sip!

What do you give your kids for a healthy breakfast?

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By: Melissa A. Kay

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